Any Reclaim Limited​

We specialise in reclaimed slate and tiles 
We buy and sell 
Also we deal with most industrial reclaimed stock
from Chimneys to Bricks
From storage jars and tins to illuminated Pub signs
if it can be reclaimed we will reclaim it
Office Number 0161 225 9755    Mobile Number 07519 105 946


Bumpa Hire
We can supply the equipment and services for taking the slates or tiles straight onto the roof without the fuss of climbing up and down ladders or scaffolding.
Much easier and quicker with our Bumpa hire.
We charge a competitive rate for the Bumpa hire and the crew to run it.

Prices start from just £120 a day including operative

Roofing Services
We also now have our own dedicated team of Roofers
who can re-roof a whole building or complete
small emergency repairs which ever is needed 
all at a very competitive price

As we buy and sell slate and tiles
we can give you a better price than the average company
so give us a call and let us give a free no obligation quote

​Due to the expertise we can supply plus modern equipment we can completly strip your roof and clean up the area and remove all old slates or Tiles quickly and efficently

 s if you were talking to your customer
Roof Stripping
Let us strip the roof for you and prepare the groundwork ready for your own roofers to get on with re-roofing your building.All for free
Dependent on wether we can re-use your old tiles or slate


​Phone or e-mail us for a quote today